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Your Own Worst Enemy - 6 ways to stop killing your dreams

HAPPY ST. PATS DAY! (explicit) Drunk Sausha used to LOVE this day. Things have changed in the last few years so no more drunk party buses, passing out in alleys, whatever bombs, keg stands and all the other drunk shit that goes with St. Pats Day. Or maybe that was just me...... Who am I kidding? I know I am not the only one who got ridiculously drunk on this day. But now I am getting away from what I really want to talk about.... YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORST ENEMY! You are the killer of your dreams. You are the one who talks yourself out of the things you want to achieve. You make up fake scenarios of the world coming to an end. You are the one who comes up with these bullshit stories about how "I

I Can't Meditate!!!!!

I can't meditate. I don't know how. It's just weird. What do I do? Am I doing it right? How long do I have to sit here? Why does this suck so bad? These were a few of the thoughts I had when I started to meditate. But every Self Help book I've read said it was the things to do. Even my coach told me I need to meditate. But whyyyy???? (whiny voice). Because its fucking awesome once you get past all the stupid things you tell yourself. Meditation has led me to some of my greatest AH-HA moment. I've processed information, got in touch with my body, my feelings, MYSELF! Weird?! I know right. Think about it. We are with "ourselves" or "our thoughts" all day long. Nobody else is in our head. So it


Take Control of Your Future

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