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Decide TODAY You Are Not a Quitter

I used to be a quitter. Anytime things got tough, I would run away. I'm talking everything!!!! Relationships, jobs, fitness, anything and everything my automatic when things got hard was to get mad and run away... I'm here to tell you that TODAY, you can decide that you are NOT a quitter. Nothing happens overnight. I think we get a skewed vision of what other's have achieved because we only look at the highlight reel. I try my best to show the GOOD, BAD and UGLY of my journey. Not everyday is an awesome day but I have learned that I AM IN CONTROL of how I want to feel and I can change my day around if I choose. We often compare our day 1 to somebody else's day 1000. It's easy to get caught

Doing Gratitude vs Saying Gratitude

When was the last time you told someone specifically what you appreciated about them? When was the last time you showed gratitude towards someone who cared about? The other day I was listening to a podcast on the Quote of the Day Show - by Sean Croxton and he had clip from Brian Doyle that talked about how people don't know we appreciate them unless we show it. I thought this was genius! Far too many of us only say thanks once in a while or we write what we are thankful on social media, but do we actually mean it? Listen to that episode of the show here: http://seancroxton.com/quote-of-the-day/530/ I don't do this nearly as often as I should so I wanted to share with you guys a few ways on h

The holiday Season is Upon Us!

Since we are kind of coming into a new season, and by new season in the sense that the holidays are coming up. We are past Halloween, Thanksgiving will be here in a day and then we have Christmas and New Years! So time and money and energy and everybody's stress levels are at a peak. So I just wanted to talk about gifts, buying junk, materialistic stuff, experiences and managing your time and energy. So the first thing I want to say is, I was having a conversation with a gal last week and we talking about junk and how our society now is just so full of stuff. We just have too much stuff. I always find myself decluttering and it's just like "where the hell did this stuff come from?" How many

My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

I wanted to switch things up a bit and tell you about 5 of my favorite podcasts and why I love listening to them. I found podcasts a couple of years ago. I was looking for something to do on my long commutes to work other than just listening to the radio all the time. They seriously kept playing the same songs on repeat and I thought I was loosing my mind. I had heard of Audio books but I wasn't quite there yet. I used to enjoy talk radio so I thought maybe I would YouTube some stuff. So I googled radio on my phone or something like that and it told me to listen to a podcast. I was like OH WOW that is what that little purple icon on my iPhone was! It's the podcast app. But what the hell is p

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Life beings at the end of your comfort zone. Getting out of your comfort zone can be SCARY!! Sometimes we are paralyzed by the fear of the unknown. We work ourselves into a frenzy thinking about "what could happen". We tend to imagine the worst-case scenario when we push past the boundaries of what makes us feel safe. Information is power. And the more you know about something, the less scary and more powerful you’ll feel. Go out there and read more. Do more. See more. Talk to more people. For example, if you are cold-calling people for your job, you should learn about how other people have over-come the fear of cold-calling, ask for help, role play, become familiar with the products, etc. O


Take Control of Your Future

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