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Don’t Let Your Life Pass You By

Earlier this week I was on my way to do yet another store pick up - oh the world today, right? It got me thinking about change and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. I think so many of us are sitting on the fence right now, afraid to do anything, because we keep thinking, “When things get back to normal ... when things get back to normal … when things get back to normal …” I want you to just think about this: what if things do not go back to normal? What if this is the new normal? What are you going to do about it? A lot of people are freaking out and feeling really stressed and anxious right now. A lot of people don't know what to do, and that's okay. I mean, s***, there are tim

How Manifestation Really Works

I just got off of a call with a friend/colleague/employee of mine and we were talking about manifestation and the law of attraction. I want to shed some light on that topic for you guys because I feel like a lot of people don’t believe that they work. I want to ask you a few questions and debunk some of the myths that are out there about manifestation and the law of attraction. First of all, a lot of people think that they’ll manifest something into their life just by thinking about it. In reality, just because you think something, it doesn’t mean it’ll actually happen for you. For example, you may say, “I’m going to win the lottery! And if I buy a lottery ticket and just keep thinking that

How to Raise Your Vibration

What does it mean to be “high vibe?” You hear this a lot. You see it on social media and on shirts. But what does it actually mean? I think a lot of people don’t understand what a vibration truly is. A vibration is a way to measure an energy source - think of a radio frequency or of how the vibrations from earthquakes are measured by the Richter scale. There are different ways to track vibration. Each and every thing in this world has an energetic vibration to it. EVERYTHING! Everything on our planet is from this higher source called energy, and therefore literally everything has this energy source running to it and through it. So we see people talking about being a part of the “high vibe tr

What is on your heart?

Today I want to talk about if we are having the same conversation a year from now. I talk to a lot of people on a daily basis, so I come across this a lot. There is one woman in particular with whom I had the EXACT SAME conversation one year later. While we were talking, she was telling me about some challenges that she’s facing in her life. I said to her, “Do you want to be talking about this again next year or are you ready to change your life?” She replied, “Sausha, we did have this conversation before already.” And then it dawned on me that she was right - we had a talk with each other the previous year and we had talked about the exact same challenges! She then said, “I just can’t keep

Your Dominant Thoughts Become Your Reality August 6, 2020

Today I want to talk about how we feel about certain words and how that can manifest into our reality. For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know I’m balls deep into the Law of Attraction, manifestation, that your thoughts become your reality, and other things of this nature. I still don't think that many people grasp the concept of manifestation and resistance and knowing when to lean into fear or when to shy away. This is where it is crucial to connect with your inner guide, your inner spirit, your intuition, or whatever you want to call that being inside of you that tells you if something is a good idea or not. And I’m not talking about the voice inside your head. T

Are You a New Soul or an Old Soul?

I listened to something earlier this week that resonated with me so much. It was the concept of old souls versus new souls and WOW, this really blew my mind. I feel like I intuitively know that I’m an old soul. I have these crazy downloads all the time, I know things about people that they don't even know about themselves, and I see things before they happen. It might sound way crazy, but I'm drawn to certain things such as conversations where your mind is just blown and I have a huge desire to go back to simpler times. I feel like that's kind of what old souls want - they want to keep things simple. We crave that simplicity. I find that the people I'm attracted to and I enjoy having convers

How to Trust Your Gut

Growing up, I always wanted to belong. It may be a shocker to some of you because, if you’ve known me for some time, you know that I kind of have that “I don't give a s***” attitude, but I do have a deep underlying desire to be wanted and accepted. I feel like that's even weird for me to say. I'm learning to love myself more and learning to love others and just be more accepting because my go-to is anger and telling people to go f*** themselves. That's not appropriate, but that is my go-to. It's funny now, but it's maybe not so funny because it actually has a lot to do with underlying issues with wanting to be loved and to accept being loved. The other day I went on a 2-second rant on my Ins

How to Choose Better Feeling Thoughts

Alright guys, I'm back from my little time away and honestly, I felt great about taking time off from Social Media. It made me realize that I really want to live the simple life. I am so sick and tired of all of this noise, all of this finger-pointing, and all of this hate in the world. It seems as though half the people are awakening and half the people are focusing on the wrong things. So I’m back on social media, and I'm definitely going to go through my newsfeed and only follow the people who are posting about love, light, and positivity and focusing on raising the vibration of the collective consciousness. I am not going to fall into this trap of bringing awareness to equality or Covid-


Take Control of Your Future

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