Empowered Sales School is a 6 week beta program to increase your

sales and confidence in your business. 

Week 1: How to Create Your Program or Offer

Week 2: How to Organically Attract Your Ideal Client 

Week 3: The 'Sales Process' - How to Start and Close a Sale

Week 4: How to Follow Up with Prospects or Clients

Week 5: How to Get Referrals and Reviews to Attract More Ideal Clients 

Week 6: Recap and LIVE Q&A to answer any questions or concerns

regarding your business or sales experience


This course will officially kick off Monday, July 29th and will include LIVE trainings, step by step guides, accountability, and I will also answer your questions about sales, business, or confidence along the way. Basically, I created this program so you could ultimately make a bigger IMPACT in the world and make more MONEY along the way. Win-win I'd say!! I've combined my years of Sales and Leadership experience along with my Business and Psychology background into a 6 week program just for women like YOU

Each week I'll teach LIVE on one of the weekly topics listed above along with action steps for you to complete on your own. You will also get weekly mindset tips and affirmations to go along with the trainings to keep you motivated throughout the week. Each Friday you have an accountability check in to see how things are going, celebrate your wins, catch up on things if needed,

and plan ahead for the upcoming week. 

The BETA price is $77 Paid in Full and I've also created a convenient payment plan of $40 x 2 payments. This ends up being a little over $12 per week!!! Prices will go up after this round of the course so take action NOW and save yourself some dolla-dolla bills y'all! Oh and as a BONUS, you will receive a FREE Coaching Call with me for signing up this round. Whoop!!! 

If you have a business, want to start a business, are in some type of sales or marketing,

then you NEED this course in your life! Super stoked to get started! 

Questions before we get started? Send your emails to