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By the end of this 2-day workshop, you will be a Certified Reiki I & II Practitioner!

June 26 & 27, 2021

Sioux City, IA 

Level I - June 26

  • Brief History of Reiki

  • Daily uses of Reiki

  • Intro to Chakras

  • Intro to smudging 

  • Seeing Auras Practice

  • Reiki Level I Attunement

  • Guided Instruction for Reiki Sessions

  • Hands-on Healing Practice

  • Self-Healing Practice

Level 2 - June 27

  • Daily uses of Reiki Level I & II

  • Explanation of & Practice with Level II Reiki Symbols

  • Reiki Level II Attunement

  • Learn Distance Healing & Scanning/Healing

  • Guided Instruction for Reiki Sessions with Symbols

  • Hands-on & Distance Healing Practice

  • Additional Self-Healing Practice 

  • Adding reiki into your business / building a reiki business 

  • Receive certification upon day 2 completion 

Registration is open through June 12th.

**Pricing includes all materials needed for class, additional techniques and workbooks including my '21 Self-Healing Practice' and 'How to Start or Scale Your Soul-Based Business' along with printed certification upon completion.**


Location TBD (around Siouxland)  

*** Class Registration/Refund Policy***

Your payment reserves your place in class. 

$222 of your payment is a non-refundable deposit. 

By registering at this time, you "Understand and Agree" with this policy.