Before discovering Sausha’s program, I lacked confidence in myself. I was afraid to put myself out there and to make connections with others. I was stuck with an idea that I wanted to start a business, but had no idea where to begin or what direction to take. I was inconsistent with routines and wasn’t holding myself accountable to becoming the best version of me.

When trying to solve the problem on my own I often got discouraged. I felt like I was capable of starting my own business and that people didn’t care what I had to say.

Sausha has a no BS approach when it comes to her coaching and that’s what makes this program different. She holds you accountable to your actions in a supportive, encouraging, and loving way, but she’s not afraid to call you out when your not showing up and doing the work. She doesn’t just wait until your next “coaching call” to offer support. She’s always there. Via Voxer, email, social media, she’s only a message away. She’s also created a private community for women to come together and share their struggles, experiences, and triumphs. The women in this community have impacted my life for the better.

The other day I was thinking back to where I was with my business just 4 months ago. Not only have I actually created my business but I have programs and clients. I am showing up LIVE for the women in my community on a regular, if not daily, basis. I’ve realized that I’ve grown so much in such a short amount of time. I’m not afraid to show up and put myself out there. I have confidence in myself and my business. I’m stick to routines and have a more positive dialogue towards myself. I without a doubt would not have gotten to this point so quickly without the guidance and support of Sausha through this program.

There is a lighter energy about myself. I feel in control. I feel like it’s okay to be vulnerable. In fact, it’s empowering. The mindset shift has had a huge impact on my life and daily routine.

When I first started seeing Sausha pop up on my newsfeed, I felt so connected. Like she was literally speaking my life. She’s inspired me beyond words. Whenever I see her putting herself out there even more and taking her business to new levels I think to myself “Damn, she’s so motivating. I want to do that too.” She motivates me to be a better person and to show up in life everyday by going after my dreams and ambitions because she reminds me it is possible. Thank you Sausha. I’m am so grateful that our paths have crossed. 

Jordan Wavra, Confidence Academy client

Northwest Iowa


Before I started working with Sausha, I was chronically busy, over-scheduled, overcommitted, and running around frantically. I felt like a hot mess. And by that I mean I was constantly frazzled, exhausted, running around doing everything asked of me and terrified I was going to forget about an obligation and let someone down. I almost felt like a fraud because everyone seemed to think that I had it all together, and I did not feel like I had it together at all.

I was always at the bottom of my list. Everyone else and everything on the to do list came first. I literally never made myself a priority. I would run myself ragged doing things for others, checking things off of my to do list, and saying
yes to absolutely everything. I always said yes, even if I didn’t have the time, and people knew that. I would get so overworked, over-committed and exhausted that I would literally get physically sick. My body would literally shut down because I
wasn’t listening to it. I was so accustomed to constantly going that it made me insane to sit still. And I would never sit still and take time for myself. I was for the most part (aside from not having a husband and kids) I seem successful and yet I felt discontented
and like my life was a mess.

A few years before I started with Sausha I had gotten out of a bordering on verbally abusive and very controlling relationship. I had been systematically isolated from my friends and family. I had become someone I didn’t like or even know. I had stopped standing up for myself. Instead of dealing with this situation and my feelings, I used everything possible as an excuse. Other people have way worse things going on than a bad relationship, suck it up and move on. Beyond my excuses, I made myself busy with everything I could think of. Craft projects, rearranging my apartment, then I decided that getting my Master’s degree seemed like the next step I should take which also doubled as a great distraction and yet another excuse for never dealing with my feelings. In the
middle of that I also decided I should move out of my apartment and buy a “fixer upper” house, yet another distraction.

Sausha helped me to learn how to start saying no to things, to take time for myself and not say yes to things just because I felt like I had to help everyone, every single time I was asked. It is incredible how much it has lowered my stress
and being chronically busy by simply saying no to a few things and saying yes to myself every now and then.

She helped me to create a self-care routine. Something I always thought was an excuse for getting highlights, massages, and your nails done. And for the record, sometimes it is those things. But it is also so many free things that you can do every single day to help you be your best version of you.

I started to meditate with a guided app. At first the 3 minute guided meditation about made me jump out of my skin. It was so hard to sit and “do nothing.” I could make it about 30 seconds before I had the impulse to get up and do something. I never imagined this would be something I do. But I can honestly say it helps, and I am still very much a beginner. Meditation helps me to feel calm, focused, in control and motivated.

I started journaling and not in the “dear diary” style I always pictured. I track “habits” in a bullet journal, keep a gratitude journal, do daily brain dumps, and on occasion write coherent sentences following a prompt. I really like brain
dumps before meditation and before bed so that I can relax with a clearer mind. Saying no and setting boundaries has probably been my biggest struggle. I literally never said no. I hate to let people down or not be able to help them. So, I always said yes, even if I didn’t have the time, even if I was exhausted, even if it meant not doing something for me or getting the housework done.

Sausha is helping me to learn to say no. Not because helping is bad but because I can’t do it all. I have to rest. I have to take time for myself. I have to fill my own cup so I can continue to help others and be there for others. I’m working to set boundaries to keep my time sacred. I set limits as to how many nights per week I am out of the house in the evening. Whether this is at my part time job,
athletic events, or social/family events. I’m setting boundaries about working at home. I get as much of my work done at school as possible. I even try to just stay 20-30 minutes later and arrive early to get my work done there, rather than at home. When I do work at home, I set a timer.

Time block scheduling is another thing Sausha helped me start. While this isn’t a new concept to me, I’d never actually put it into practice successfully before. My evening time is planned because this is where I would lose track of time and go down a rabbit hole making something for school and suddenly it’s 3 hours later and no house chores have been done that night. I also don’t try to do
it all at once anymore. It’s okay to do laundry one day, dishes one day, and the sweeping/mopping on another.

I’m learning about social media and ways to improve my skincare business from Sausha. She provides us with great trainings on ways to improve any kind of business you are involved in. She has helped me to identify my “brand” and figure out what that looks and sounds like.

I have made so many incredible positive changes in my life in such a short time and I am so grateful to Sausha for helping me to make those changes. I’m so thankful to her for being the push that I needed to get out of my own way and start looking at what I really needed to do. Sausha has been incredible to work with, she will call you out when needed, give you space to find your own answers, give you guidance and advice. She truly will help you to learn to take better care of your body and mind. 

Shannon, Confidence Academy client

Northwest Iowa


Before working with Sausha, I was experiencing struggles with boundaries, poor self-confidence, massive amounts of anxiety, cycles of depression, loss of identity, isolation, self-sabotaging behavior, and fear. Lots of fear.


The frustrating was endless. I felt like I was running circles like a dog trying to catch it's tail. It made any work I did do to better myself, feel pointless. I kept ending up right where I started.Literally everything about this program is different.


There was no magic trick or pill to take. She helped me realize that I had to do the work. I had to take the steps, no matter how small or big, in order to get what I wanted out of my life. That when I felt out of control, I was actually in control of my own actions and feelings. That made me feel power I have never felt. She wasn't going to sugarcoat things for me and I needed that reality as my guide. She presented me with the tools and taught me how to use them but it was up to ME if I was actually going to use them. She has helped me find what I thought was lost and gone forever. Last but not least, the community she has established within her program has helped me immensely. I have not felt alone on my journey and I'm definitely one who thrives off of team effort.


I knew that I wanted to work with Sausha from the moment I saw her first posts but I was still totally unsure of investing in myself. It felt selfish. It felt scary. I actually knew before we even made things official that whatever she was going to teach me, was going to be worth it. Simply because she helped me find strength to commit in the first place. That felt like a huge leap for me. I felt something different in myself that day. Even speaking about that experience though was nothing compared to what I was about to feel further into my coaching with Sausha! I remember just waking up happier after actually implementing some of the techniques Sausha slid my way. I found myself dropping or decreasing the negative behaviors I had developed. I felt true confidence for the first time in a long time. The one defining moment though? Seeing the people around me happier because I was!


My life is getting closer and closer everyday to being what I pictured it to be. I feel happier, stronger, courageous, calm, confident, and me! I'm satisfied with the journey I have traveled so far. I get up not dreading the day and tasks ahead because I've changed it to what I want it to be, not what I feel like it should be avoiding to others. I don't have much of an issue cutting off the things that would negatively drain me anymore. Boundaries with myself and others has been a huge improvement. I'm enjoying the things that I wanted to enjoy. I'm just simply living according to what makes me happy, what I feel called to, and what is going to fill my cup.


Sausha, thank you. You have literally helped me save my own life and have given me the gift of so much knowledge. Because of you, I have found myself. My gratitude for you and what you do could never be put into words. The universe created a special place for you and you are owning it. Keep going lady, you are killing it. You know that you'll always have a pack of fierce women behind you cheering you on!


-Morgan S.

Northwest Iowa


Before joining Sausha’s Program, I felt insecure with myself and it was affecting my relationships with others because I was insecure about my friendships or what was happening in that, thinking the worst that they will just leave me or get annoyed with me. Not happy with how I was starting to look and feel, I was eating whatever, whenever and not drinking enough.


I was frustrated. I didn't have someone to keep my accountable especially with the part of how I was becoming to look. I would tell myself I was going to work out or watch what I eat and drink, but I didn't have anyone working towards the same goal as I was to keep my accountable for my actions.


Sausha is different because she is someone who cares and it really shows and she pushes you to become successful in all of your goals. If she doesn't hear from you she will make sure to reach out and see to it that I get what I need done.


It was the 2nd week when I started to notice a difference. I was sick on a Monday and then pushed myself to get back at it and complete Tuesday-Friday. I would have just been like eh it's fine, it'll be fine I will do it some other day. But I got right back into it and pushed thru the week.


Now I feel more confident in myself and my relationships. I mean, I struggle at times with being needy and needing "attention", but I am becoming better and more confident that nothing bad will happen. I am also able to workout and feel good after words. I can feel I am eating & drinking better and I'm not as miserable after eating because it's not all crap food!


Sausha is an amazing woman! She is to the point and doesn't sugar coat things. She has a strong, positive personality that spreads like wild fire! She has a lot of wise words and it's enjoyable to hear what she says because it makes me feel confident about myself. Thanks Sausha for such a positive experience!


-Kaitlyn L.

Northwest, Iowa


I was so filled with anxiety before joining Sausha's program. I was stressed out beyond belief! I was angry. I was just going through the motions every day. I felt unhappy. I didn't know what to do or where to go. I was and still am taking medication for anxiety, but I felt like I was spinning out of control. Fear and self doubt, as well as negative thoughts were constantly with me. I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere on my own.

Sausha's Program is difference because she taught me tools and steps to go through to slowly change my mindset and my life. She gave us modules to work through to change our lives. She is easy to talk to and positive. I think it helps that you can reach out to her at anytime with questions or if you need help. She shares live videos that are very inspiring and uplifting!

The moment I realized this program was actually working I noticed one day that I felt happy..... easy-going.....not so overwhelmed with stress and guilt. I could handle the day to day things in my life better.... I had concrete tools to use! 

I'm not done by any means. I'm still a work in progress. I'm continuing everyday on my journey to a better me with Sausha's guidance.

Sausha is great!!! She is phenomenal at what she does....she was meant for what she does. She doesn't beat around the bush....she will call you out! That should not scare you....she has your best in mind! ❤


Northwest Iowa


I struggled a lot with time management, and with making time for myself. I made zero time for myself, and I convinced myself that the time I spent cleaning the house was "me time." I felt like since I had kids, a husband, and a house to take care of, that it was selfish of me to do anything for myself. All this did though was to turn me into a busy and irritable person.

I also struggled a lot with my self-confidence. I didn't feel great about who I was as a person, but I didn't think I could do anything about it. I just thought it was part of who I was and I couldn't change it.

I couldn't even give myself the permission to solve the problem on my own. I just felt selfish for even thinking about it. I thought I was living the typical life of a wife and mom with young kids, and that's just the way things had to be. I was just surviving and trying to get through my days, hoping that things would change as my kids got older.

The biggest thing for me was having Sausha give me "permission" to change my life. I couldn't do that for myself. She made it clear that I didn't have to continue living my life that way, and I could choose to thrive instead of survive. Just getting that permission and encouragement was a big game changer for me.

The other thing that has helped me so much is how Sausha holds me accountable for the changes I have decided to make in my life. If I was doing this on my own, I would have given up already because I couldn't hold myself accountable.

After the first 2-3 weeks, I realized that I had so much more energy throughout the day. I wasn't draining myself in order to take care of the other people in my life. I was starting to enjoy my own hobbies again, and it was a big energy boost. That's when I first thought to myself, "This program is working. I'm glad I invested in myself to do this."

Then, after the first 5-6 weeks, I started having some revelations about my life. I figured out that so much of my time and energy went into controlling the people and the events in my life, and it played a huge role in making me an irritable person. I decided that I don't want to be like that anymore, so with Sausha's help I am putting the necessary work into letting go of the things I can't control. Without the introspection that Sausha asks us to do, I wouldn't have figured this out. I would've continued to think that my behavior and thoughts on this were normal. This has been a big game changer for me.

I have more energy overall. I am rediscovering my hobbies, and I am making time to enjoy them without feeling guilty about it. I am putting myself first in my life again, which is an important part of taking care of my family as well. I can't make time for my husband and kids and be a pleasant person without first making time for myself. 

I feel more confident as a wife, mother, and as a woman. I am slowly learning to take up the space I need and not care so much about what others will think.

-Amanda, Mastery Client

Northwest Iowa


Before starting Sausha's program I suffered from low self- esteem, too hard on myself, saying i was worthless, and comparing myself to others. 

I was so frustrated I would get headaches, cry a lot and couldn't really concentrate.

Sausha's program made me realize I wasn't alone and that there were other's just like me out there!!!

The moment I realized Sausha's program was working for me is when i actually felt good about myself and didn't put myself down for a WHOLE week which I did on a daily basis before her program. 

Now I am in better in control of my life, I love to journal, and I realized that it is NECESSARY to put MYSELF first. 

Sausha has helped me become a better person. I now know I was hiding behind a mask and once I was BRAVE enough to remove the mask I blossomed. I am not 100% yet better but I feel like I am on the right road. All thanks to Sausha. She is truly remarkable!!!

-Lori, Mastery Client

Northwest Iowa


I really struggled with life!! Self esteem, doubt, hard for me to see the good in a lot and I would just shut down. 

Sausha's coaching works because I know she's there for me. 

The moment I realized Sausha's program was working for me is because I'm really conscious about what I'm saying or doing I do hear her in my head on better ways to deal or speak to myself.


She is super fucking smart. And has her shit together!!! 



"I am in the fourth week of Sausha’s group program, and looking back over the past month, I’m blown away by how much my life has improved already. I started out as an overworked and overwhelmed person. As a wife and mother to young kids, I just thought that’s how life was supposed to be. I thought I was supposed to be busy, tired, and always doing ten things at once. I didn’t want my life to be this way though. I read countless self-help books, but never put any of it to action.


Then I came across Sausha’s Facebook page and really appreciated her openness, honesty, and sense of humor, and I related to a lot of her past struggles. When I saw that she was doing phone interviews for her DYBS program, I signed up. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, but I figured one phone call wouldn’t hurt.


It took only a ten minute talk with Sausha to convince me that I could change my way of life, and she’d be there every step of the way not only with great advice, but also to hold me accountable. This accountability has been a game changer for me, because I actually am following through with my plans for self-improvement.


Now, just four weeks later, I’m happy to say that I have lessened my burden of household chores, I am making time for myself, and I am much more pleasant for my husband and  kids to be around. I can’t wait to see where  the rest of the program takes me!"



I must admit, I have tried being "about me" in the past but somehow one thing or another I was side tracked and went to my old ways of "being about everyone else".


Until the last month month in a half listening to your messages or reading your blogs, that I realized the only way to make myself happy is to be "about me", not just for me but for everyone else I love around me.


Now in the last couple of weeks I have had people realize the change in me, which I was only doing for myself but having people acknowledge the changes made, makes me realize what your doing is good, not only feeling good about yourself and going in the right direction, but that people are seeing the change.


Now like every positive, there is a negative to everything and today is the first I have experienced this. Not at any acknowledgement of the person but my own insecurities hidden way down deep. Through this time of these insecurities coming to surface do I realize I have a lot more work to do on myself, but better yet with what work I have already done on myself, I know I can get through this "rough patch" with the knowledge Sausha has already spread.


I want to Thank you Sausha Davis for not knowing you have helped me through all of your posts and blogs, but continue to do what your doing, because the silent people in the background are listening, learning and are making changes by your words. Thank you for being you.



The struggles I had prior before joining the group was no self confidence, anxiety, hard on myself, feeling worthless and felt nobody cared.


After talking to Sausha about the cost and the investment I felt pretty good, I told her that I would let her know in a few days, well I talked it over with my husband and we both agreed this would be the best decision for me and instead of waiting a few days I think I called her back within hours and said hook me up!!!


The benefits I have gained from this group are truly AMAZING!! I have only been with the group for only 3 weeks but I have MORE confidence,MORE self esteem, MORE in control of everything around me, oh and making new friends along the way!!!


This is an exceptional group and Sausha is truly AMAZING!!! Her videos and self help tips make me a better person and I owe it all to this wonderful woman!!You will NOT be disappointed in it believe you me, she is a kick ass lady and I am learning to be one as well, a lot cheaper than seeing a therapist too, so what are you waiting for? take the the steps to be a BETTER you, IAM SO GLAD I DID!!!



I have struggled with everyday life for a long time... two jobs, a 3 year old, dogs, fiancé, dishes need done, laundry.... need to make dinner... ugh!... it’s never ending!... Sausha has helped me manage my time appropriately and stick to it!... make a schedule and follow through with the schedule!...Before signing up with her I thought multitasking was just normal... come to find out it is not!... She told me you can’t give your all to everything or everyone at once!... take it one task at a time and that way every task is getting your all instead of just pieces!... it’s taken an adjustment and I still have much to learn but I’m learning that it’s actually working and I LOVE IT!...Thank you Sausha for helping me realize this and can’t wait I see what the future holds with my happier self!



"She is amazing and so inspirational. She really knows how to dig down and get to the base of what matters and does a great job making you think for yourself rather than shoving concepts down your throat. Love what I have seen so far!"



"Recently went to a workshop she put on and it was great! I would definitely recommend anyone else to attend a workshop. She is very easy to talk to. Helps you with a variety of goals you set for yourself. It’s like doing yourself a favor."


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