Always Tip Your Waiter

April 3, 2018

The world is against you but you are someone...



I thought way too long about how to write this. I thought I would sound too hippy, too positive, or that I would offend someone . But then I realized that I had to say this because it may help someone else, and that’s my goal. To help others by sharing my story and insight. 


So what do you do when the people closest to you don’t believe in you? What do you do when people laugh in your face about your big ideas? What do you do when the world loves to feed off watching people struggle and fail? YOU DO IT ANYWAYS! Oh but it’s so tough. Trust me it is. There are so many days I want to throw in the towel, call it quits and hide in a deep dark hole.....


But this is BIGGER than me. There is something deep within me that whispers in my ear “Sausha, you have a gift. You can help people. People trust you and listen to you. You are real and people respect that. You have the opportunity to share your story, your struggles, your triumphs and change the world around you. You are someone. The time is now.” 


This plays on repeat in my brain. It’s a lonely road when you start to work on your self. People don’t really like to see you succeed.  But they will be there to “pick you up when you fall”. Oh Bullshit. They say that but few actually mean it. If “the few” are reading this, you know who you are (you guys mean more to me than words can express). 


But really guys, I am so tired of sitting here and just watching. I am tired of seeing women and their families stressed to the bone, stressed to the point of heavy medications or drugs, stressed to the point of self harm. I'm sick of waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to take care of it. I AM SOMEONE! I have a gift to talk to people. To teach. To guide. To educate. I want to show how we can live happy, healthy, sustainable lives! I want to show we can have everything we desire. I want to show you the path of least resistance where possibilities are endless. Opportunity is literally everywhere. We just have to open our eyes. 


Too often in this world, we immediately go to the negative in every situation. "I can't. I don't have time. Nobody cares. Must be nice." And we are quit to jump the gun and plan for the worst case scenario. Our society does it, our friends and family do it, and our brains do it. We need to retrain ourselves to think positive because positive energy can spread like wildfire if we let it.


Here is my most recent example... 


The other day I was talking to someone about tipping waiters/waitresses at a restaurant. I said I always tip at least 20% no matter what. The other individual said "I only tip if they earn it. I don't tip for shitty service". 


I suppose that's one way to look at it. But OPEN YOUR MIND... What if that person had a terrible day? What if that person lost someone close but didn't have the funds to take the day off? What if that person just got dumped by their significant other? What if they are just having a bad day??? (We ALL have them!) What if you were that one POSITIVE ray of effing sunshine this person needs to turn their entire day around? What if because you smiled and were nice, they gave amazing service to every other customer that walked through that door? What if we taught ourselves to be kind, even when we are being treated UNkind? 


We CAN make this world a better place if we do it together. It takes a village. But man, I have this feeling inside me that I am meant for something bigger. Something more than just myself. I am meant to inspire others, shed positive light, and be a mother-effing cheerleader for all those go-getters out there who want to change the world too! Help the women who are tired of the BS and want to make a change! We are ALL someone. We can ALL make a difference. The change starts with YOU. And me. 


Take the first step. I'll hold your hand. And don’t forget to tip your waiter. 


Let me break it down for ya. Here are a few things you can do TODAY to make a positive change in your life. 


1) Find a group of high vibin', dream chasin', go-getters and SOAK that shit up! Spend every minute you can with these people. Positivity is contagious. Surround yourself with people who radiate joy. If you can't find these people, hire a COACH! They have programs, communities, etc to help you get on track. (I offer this or find someone you click with)


2) Pay for a strangers coffee. Just try it. You’ll feel good and coffee is like what, $5? 


3) Volunteer at a local non-profit. These people are givers. They are typically happy to spend their time giving to others. Go try it out. You will feel so much better and you will have helped your community. 


4) Treat yo' self! Take yourself out on a date. Nails, food, beer, get a tan, have a girls night (only talk about positive shit). Whatever. When you are happy, people around you are happy. Take time to make yourself happy. If you can't find time, message me. I have a solution for you. 


5) Rewire your brain to think positive. Every time you have a negative thought about yourself or a situation. Think "What is the exact opposite of this thought?" . Then say that thought out loud. Retraining your brain is hard work! Its like a work out!! You will build brain muscle the more you do it. (Message me for more ways to rewire your brain). 


Until next time, share the love. ❤️




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