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We need a big ass cup of motivation

Guys, we need a big ass cup of motivation.

(This is my big ass mug ha. I found this mug hilarious.)

The old Sausha would come up with this killer plan! I would literally make PERFECT plans and be so motivated making these 'perfect' plans. But when it came time to execute said plans, I failed miserably. No time. No energy. Exhausted. Then came the anger. Upset. Tears. Frustration. I hated myself for being "lazy" and "unmotivated". Is this you? Can you relate? Ok, keep reading.

So I tend to OVER-ANALYZE EVERY DAMN THING! Literally. I would not start something unless I had all of the facts. But even after I came up with my 'perfect' plan, I couldn't find the motivated to get shit done. So now what? Well, we have a "cycle" of thoughts. Or at least I did. It starts with:

1) I am sick of the shit. Time for CHANGE. I am coming up with a plan!

2) Create plan. I am f@cking stoked about these plans!

3) Tell myself to take a break. Planning is hard work.

4) Tell myself I will start this "new plan" tomorrow.

5) Tomorrow comes. Motivation gone.

6) Convince myself one more day isn't going to hurt.

7) Repeat every day.

8) Become frustrated and exhausted.

9) Give up. Who cares anyway?


The 2 most important things I did to change my 'lack of motivation' were... you ready for this?

A ROUTINE! CREATE NEW HABITS! and wait for it....

AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER! Yep, those two things were absolute game changers for my "lack of motivation". Our brains are exhausted after making all of these perfect plans that we no longer have energy or motivation to even tackle these goals. BUT if you stick with it for 1-2 weeks, it becomes habit. And we don't put much thought into habits, therefore habits are easy. Motivation and energy can be easy? Say whaaaaaaa??

So here's my story. My routine was lack in the morning. Actually there was no routine. I literally rolled out of bed. Showered, maybe ate breakfast, rushed all over the house trying to find clothes, get pissed because I have "nothing to wear" (reality is I hated my body at the time and there wasn't an outfit to fix that), try to make a lunch, then forget my lunch on the counter because I was in a hurry, rush to work and be angry all day that I was rushed. Is this you? Or you know someone that does this? Share this with them.

I created a morning and evening routine where I got up an hour earlier and made time for myself. (Ewwwww. Waking up early? Sausha I'm not a morning person. Blah blah blah. Here comes the excuses. You're not ready for real change then. Repeat the above cycle until you're ready. Sorry, not sorry.) Anyway, the night before I would lay out my clothes and pack my lunch. Why I hadn't thought of this earlier is beyond me. Why did it take another person to tell me about this? No idea but I'm sure glad they did! So I finish the rest of my evening routine. Go to sleep. Make sure I try to get 7-8hrs of sleep. Let's be honest. If I get 5 I'm happy BUT I really do try to get the full amount of sleep. It's just hard with a year old baby who still doesn't want to sleep through the night. Oh well right?

Now that I'm somewhat rested in the morning. I wake up at 5AM. I won't go into extreme detail and bore you on my morning routine but its something like this. 5am-630am is "me time". I journal. I meditate. I exercise or stretch. I read or listen to a podcast. I shower. I tell myself I'm fucking awesome. And I visualize how my day is going to go. I come up with a plan for my day and try my best to stick to it. Then I go to work and do my thing there. Come home and get ready for my evening routine.

Now comes in the accountability partner or a coach of some sort. I know you hear me talk about coaches a lot, but it's because they literally CHANGED MY LIFE! I cannot express enough how much hiring a coach has impacted my life. Not everyone needs one I know, but I certainly did. And I wish I hadn't waited as long. But hey, the teacher appears when the student is ready!

She would check in with me. "Hey Sausha, did you get your shit done that you said you wanted to do".... I would answer yes, or I would ignore her! Ha! Which meant that no I did not get my stuff done. So I would hurry up and get my stuff done so I could tell her yes. Because I really hate telling people no. Just that little bit changed my whole motivation to get up early, get shit done, and get my evening routine done.

But my motivation came from the accountability. It came from my routine. Once I took out the "decision fatigue" then my motivation came much easier. Once habits are created, they come naturally, with little to no thought. You use the toilet right? That is a habit created by your parents that you still do. Maybe that's a terrible analogy HA but just think how easy working out, eating better, being happier, date nights, free time, all of those things will come easy when you SCHEDULE then, STICK to it, and create HABITS of them.

Side note - but a body of motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays at rest. Look it up. Energy comes from energy therefore your motivation will come from the energy you create. Its this neat little cycle. I'm not a scientist though but this shit works. Ever notice how great you feel and how much energy you have after working out? (wink)

So my big ass cup of motivation for you is.... YOU CAN DO IT! Create a morning/evening routine. Stop the decision fatigue. Get someone to hold you accountable. Get someone to help you expand the way you think of these tasks. Tell yourself "I am rewiring my brain to healthier habits. This will become easier the more I do it". Fake it 'til ya make it sista! And if you're stuck, ask for help. Or attend my workshop May 4th, 2018 in Sioux City. Here is the link to purchse tickets. And for reading this blog, here is your 25% promo code. DYBS. Type in DYBS at check out for the discount.

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