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The Burning Desire

What is the burning desire? You know exactly what that burning desire is..... but you feel guilty or less than capable of acting on it.

Let me tell you something, that burning desire WILL NEVER go away. It will eat away at you until one day you hate yourself enough to give up on it or you decide to TAKE ACTION. I know that when you decide to just go for it... incredible things will happen.

I had the burning desire for a long long time to be my own boss, run my own business, live life on my own terms, give two middle fingers and stick it to the man. I also have always had the burning desire to start a podcast, share my REAL thoughts and not filter them, travel the world, speak on stages, fly planes, and who knows what else.

It's funny looking back because all of the "physical challenges" were easy to me. I had a way of numbing out and not feeling the fear in those kind of situations like flying planes, half pipes, surfing, motorcycles, roller derby and any other adrenaline induced activity. I guess you could say adrenaline was my drug of choice...

I started to have a NEW burning desire these past 5 years or so... something that a physical activity could not cure. Everyday I would wake up after hitting snooze 18 million times then force myself to get out of bed. I HATED going to work... I HATED being on someone else's time and listening to someone else's rules. It was eating away at my sole..

Deep down I have always been a rebel at heart. If you told me I couldn't do something, I would do it anyway just to prove you wrong. I always questioned the way things were and I often got in trouble at school or with the law. I guess you could say I lacked that part of the brain where you listen to authority figures. Instead I would question the rules until I made that person so uncomfortable, that I would then be in trouble because "it's the law" or because "I said so". I feel like a lot of those times they made up the rules because I like to do my research and I don't think I was really guilty of anything a few of those times. I digress...

THAT BURNING DESIRE WILL NEVER GO AWAY!! What is eating away at you right now? Chances are as soon as I say burning desire, your brain thinks about 1-2 things in particular. Maybe you want to "stick it to the man" too and quit your Corporate America job. Maybe you want to write a book. Fly a plan. Learn to paint or play a guitar. Maybe you want to ask that person out. Maybe you want more sex. Maybe you want more vacations. HELL! I don't know but YOU DO!!

GO FOR IT! There is nothing holding you back except yourself. If you're like me, your brain immediately comes up with a million reason why you CANNOT do something. This is why I use the 5 Second Rule that I learned from Mel Robbins. You can check her out here. She's a badass and basically says that you have 5 second to take some sort of action towards that burning desire before your brain finds a whole bunch of reasons why it's not the best idea. You act before you can talk yourself out of it. GENIUS!!!

This has literally changed my life (among other things) but I would say this is a big factor in my life today. As soon as I get the urge to do something, I just do it. I don't let my brain have the opportunity to talk me out of it. I used to get really down on myself because nobody else shared the same thoughts, dreams or visions as I did. But then I decided WHO FUCKING CARES because nobody gets to live my life but me? So why the hell am I not just doing the things that I want to do? I don't need permission from ANYBODY.

I probably just pissed a whole bunch of wives off right there by saying that but here me out. There is a difference in communicating with your husband and letting him know your plans and using him as an EXCUSE to not take action. That's right, an EXCUSE!!!!! Hear me out.. You and I both know there has been times in your life when you wanted something SO BAD that you could convince anyone and their dog to see things the way you do so you could do the thing you wanted to do. This isn't any different.

Other common excuses? I don't have time. Start implementing time management. I don't have money. Start creating more income and/or budgeting. What if I fail? We all fail. Some of us are just better at showcasing it than others. What if it doesn't work out? If you are consistent, almost everything you commit to will work.

The burning desire will not go away. Just go for it. The worst thing that could happen if you end up where you are right now but at least you can say you tried.

Push yourself. Think bigger. Take action. 5-4-3-2-1 GO!

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Until next time, GO BE A MOTHER F-ING BADASS!