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Making More Money

I've had a few ladies ask me how to "make more money"or "increase your sales" over the past few weeks so I thought I'd send out a few quick tips on how to do just that!

Whether you struggle with money stories, budgeting, how to create more money, not enough money, don't know what to do to make more, etc. We all have our own limiting beliefs about money and until YOU change the way you think about money, the money will not come. Truth!

So first, let's start with budgeting and I don't just mean paying your bills on time each month. When was the last time you sat down and went over last quarters spending and really KNEW where your money went? The first time I did this, I was shock at how much money I spent on frivolous things. If you're like me, you could easily start to pay off debt, take that vacation or join that program if you were a little more intention with you money and where it goes.

Next, how can we create more? Come up with a list of 25+ ways to create more income right now! The first 10-15 will be pretty easy but after that, it starts to get hard which is the point! We have to think outside the box and rewire our brain to see money and opportunity everywhere. Here a just a few example....

Sell stuff you don't need, increase you product package bundles, increase your prices, ask for a race, house sit, baby sit, clean houses, walk dogs, join an MLM, take back cans, be a VA (virtual assistant) from home, host a webinar, host a workshop, have a garage sale, sell books you don't read anymore, paint houses (inside or out), grocery shop for people, join an affiliate program like Amazon, sell stuff on eBay, take clothes to places like Plato's Closet, etc. There are tons of ways to make more money right now! Ask someone to brainstorm with you!

Lastly, if you're looking to increase your sales in your business (AKA more money/profit), then I want you to answer these few questions. Why are you in your business? What problem are you solving? What kind of people do you help? Are you showcasing your work? How often are you connecting and building relationships with people?

If YOU were YOUR employee, would you still have a job? Are you showing up for this business as a BUSINESS or as a HOBBY!? If you want it to be a hobby, that is totally fine. But you can't expect full time income if you aren't treating it like a full on business. Answering these questions is CRUCIAL to your business or side gig. Try connecting with 3-5 people per day. Comment on their posts. Engage with people in public. Introduce yourself to people.

Give value and share stories rather than just promoting your $99 special.

There you have it! A few tips on money making. Just know that money is energy and you can ALWAYS make more of it but you CANNOT make more time. It's impossible. This very moment is now part of history. POOF! Gone. Vanished. Never to return again. BUT you can always make more money ;) You just have to be willing to think outside the box and put in a little elbow grease.

Catch ya on the flip side!! You know where to find me if you need help!

Talk soon and have a kick ass week!




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