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What is Prospecting?

What is prospecting? I know this sounds BORING but please read on if you're interested in making more money.

Many of us WANT or HAVE a side gig, business, or perhaps are in some type of sales/commission role at our jobs but we aren't really sure what prospecting is or how to do it.

Let me break it down for you... When I first heard the idea of prospecting, my throat got super tight and I thought I might die. I thought to myself, I actually have to TALK to people and present me offer??? GULP!!! Gross. I didn't want to be that "slimy salesperson" so I pretty much avoided prospecting as long as I could until the money stopped coming in. Stop prospecting = no paycheck. You feel me?

Ooookkk so in a nutshell, prospecting is identifying potential customers (aka clients). You can do this in MANY ways but basically you need to make sure that prospecting is on your to-do list weekly, if not daily.

Depending on your business will determine how you prospect. No two people or business prospect the same in my eyes. Yes, similar tactics and techniques but everyone puts their own swing on things which is where MINDSET plays a MASSIVE role in your business (profit).

Prospecting becomes easier the more you do it. And the more you do it, the better you understand your ideal client and what they want/need. This is where you start to set up a needs analysis to go off of for your business which I will discuss at a later post.

Are you prospecting often? What does your process in finding new clients/sales look like?

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