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Are You a New Soul or an Old Soul?

I listened to something earlier this week that resonated with me so much. It was the concept of old souls versus new souls and WOW, this really blew my mind.

I feel like I intuitively know that I’m an old soul. I have these crazy downloads all the time, I know things about people that they don't even know about themselves, and I see things before they happen. It might sound way crazy, but I'm drawn to certain things such as conversations where your mind is just blown and I have a huge desire to go back to simpler times.

I feel like that's kind of what old souls want - they want to keep things simple. We crave that simplicity.

I find that the people I'm attracted to and I enjoy having conversations with are old souls as well. They also want to live a simple life and have deeper conversations. I'm hoping that this resonates with you because this really tells me who my people are and who I want to help.

Some people really enjoy acquiring things. Don’t get me wrong, on a superficial level I enjoy acquiring certain things too, but nothing feels better to me than giving garbage bags and boxes full of things away to people (whether I'm donating them, throwing them in the trash, or setting them on fire because I'm a pyro lol). I feel better about getting rid of things than I do about acquiring or accumulating new things.

New souls haven’t had as many past lifetimes and therefore haven't had as much experience of acquiring things, so they're still very much interested in getting more material things.

And that's great, everybody is here for a different reason, and so if that's you then maybe we just don't jive as well and that's okay! It's fine, it's not a big deal, you just have to take what works for you and leave out the rest.

I’m finding that the people I’m really attracted to and enjoy having conversations with are the people who are like, “I have all the things but I don’t want all the things. I want a simple life. I want to find the blueprint to who I am. How do I discover my soul’s purpose? What’s the greater purpose of this human experience? How do I manifest my desires into my immediate reality? How do I peel back the layers of who I thought I was to find who I truly am?”

I LOVE these deeper conversations as opposed to those about goal setting, negative thoughts, etc. Now, there is nothing wrong with goal setting or other similar subjects that you tend to hear about in entry-level personal development. They’re very important, and I did work through a lot of them in my own life too, but it was pretty easy for me.

I’m an action taker, so these things tend to be easy for me. I mean, they’re hard, but if you just follow the steps and take action then they’re actually pretty easy to do.

On the other hand, to uncover who you are at your core and to peel back the multiple layers of things that you have acquired throughout your lifetimes (spiritually, physically, and emotionally), these are the deep conversations that I love to have!

Everybody has different sh*t that comes up. It’s definitely not one-size fits all. For example, instead of helping someone make $10,000, I love diving into what’s holding that person back from making $10,000. Maybe in a past lifetime they lost a whole bunch of people’s money in the stock market and still carry that guilt with them in this lifetime. This may make sense to some of you and to others it may not, and that is ok.

I’ve just really been diving into my own soul’s purpose on another level. And I’ll never be done with this journey - none of us are ever really done with this journey.

And I’m not here to sit on my pedestal and act like I know “all of the things.” No, I don’t. I’m still constantly learning, growing, and finding out more about myself. And then I turn around and teach what I’ve learned to you guys. As they say, the teacher can absorb what they are processing better when they teach it to others as well.

I’m here to tell you that there are layers here. Find out what your soul’s purpose is. Take a deeper dive into what’s holding you back. Take a deeper dive into what true happiness means to you beyond the superficial sh*t. Strip away the layers and layers of crud that society, your family, your past lives, etc have put on you and find out who you are at your core.

I just love getting next-level on this stuff. I love talking about consciousness, past lives, energy work, etc. So this topic of old souls vs. new souls really resonated with me today.

So again, you’ll know which one you are depending on what you’re attracted to. If you’re into the Tony Robbins or Rachel Hollis type of personal development, then you’re probably a new soul. And again, there is nothing wrong with that! Everybody has a purpose on this planet.

The new souls are here to re-energize and hype everyone back up. If you’re into deeper conversations and going back to a more simple life, then you’re probably an old soul like me.

This may resonate with you or it may not. Either way is ok. This is probably why I’ve been getting some emails lately from people who tell me that they don’t like my content anymore, and I’m like, “Ok great, then go find someone else whose content you enjoy.”

It’s a hard pill for me to swallow, because deep down I am a people pleaser, but I also know that I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I know that not everyone will love me or enjoy what I talk about. I just have to get over that. I have to love myself enough to know that it’s ok.

And it’s the same way with you. You have to love yourself enough to know that it’s ok that not everyone jives with you.

The other thing that came up for me today was an analogy that I heard from a meditation teacher. It blew my mind and I felt called to share it with you guys. The analogy is “the diamond is within you.”

We all, at our cores, are diamonds in the rough. We are born whole and pure, yet over the years we acquire a lot of sh*t from the world, other people, and our experiences. We start to pile this sh*t up and start to feel bogged down, anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. We lose touch with ourselves and what we really want in life.

The goal is to strip back, crack open, and peel back the layers of all that sh*t we have acquired over our lives. The real journey is to go back to who we are at our cores, back to that diamond within us. And this journey requires a lot of those deeper questions that I talked about before - “Who am I? Why am I here? What is my soul’s purpose? What do I really want out of life? How do I get back to the purest, happiest, and healthiest version of myself?”

This diamond is and always has been within us. And guess what - you can’t buy it anywhere or from anyone! You can’t find it in a coach, Crossfit, yoga class, meditation, energy healing, money, etc. These can be utilized to help you in your journey to finding yourself, but you find the diamond within you.

When you practice letting go of all of the expectations you put on yourself, and you start to embody this bliss and joy, you can create the life that you want to be living.

It’s not always this beautiful journey (personal development is not always f*cking fun!), there is a lot of deep sh*t to go through. You have to go through the darkness, forgive yourself, and let things go. It’s not easy, but it’s a huge relief.

The diamond is within you. You have everything you need within you.

I found this really insightful for me and I hope you find it to be insightful for yourself too. My takeaways for you are:

  • You have everything you need within you.

  • If you’re struggling on this journey of finding out who you are and what your soul’s purpose is, ask for help.

  • Keep diving deeper. Meditate and quiet your mind. Ask yourself, “What brings me joy?”

  • Are you an old soul or a new soul? Knowing this will help you find the type of personal or spiritual development that will help you the most.

The Sausha Davis Podcast Episode 177: Are You a New Soul or an Old Soul?