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How Manifestation Really Works

I just got off of a call with a friend/colleague/employee of mine and we were talking about manifestation and the law of attraction. I want to shed some light on that topic for you guys because I feel like a lot of people don’t believe that they work. I want to ask you a few questions and debunk some of the myths that are out there about manifestation and the law of attraction.

First of all, a lot of people think that they’ll manifest something into their life just by thinking about it. In reality, just because you think something, it doesn’t mean it’ll actually happen for you. For example, you may say, “I’m going to win the lottery! And if I buy a lottery ticket and just keep thinking that I’m going to win, it’ll happen for me!”

It takes more than that. The part that is missing is your energetic vibration. Your vibration HAS to match that of a lottery winner

The same goes for anything and everything that you are trying to manifest. Your thoughts are energy - each one vibrates at a certain frequency. Therefore, each thought you have is an action. So, when you think of something that you want, a lot of times “stories,” AKA resistance, come up too.

So, coming back to our lottery example, you think to yourself, “I am going to win the lottery.” When you think that thought, what stories or beliefs come up around that? You may consciously or unconsciously think to yourself, “Well, I’m not really going to win the lottery. The lottery is a joke. What are the actual odds of me winning anyway? Buying a ticket is just a waste of money.”

Those thoughts emit a vibration too, so by thinking them, you’re not vibrating at the frequency of an actual lottery winner. You are not a vibrational match to winning the lottery.

And again, this goes for anything that you want to manifest in your life. Things won’t just show up out of the blue for you just because you’re thinking about them. You have to become an energetic match in order to receive whatever you’re wanting to call in.

Here’s another example: let’s say that you set a goal to get five new clients this month. If you’re feeling defeated, weak, or doubtful on a subconscious level, those negative thoughts will emit a lower vibrational frequency than the thought of getting five new clients. And since those vibrational frequencies are not a match, you likely will not be able to call in those clients that you desire.

I hope this makes sense for you.

What I want to get across to you is to take baby steps. You’re never going to manifest things into your reality if you do not vibrationally align or match with what you’re wanting. You must take small steps such as choosing better feeling thoughts.

So let’s go back to the example of calling in five new clients this month. Part of you may not know if it’s possible, and another part of you thinks it might be if you just hustle and burn yourself out to make it happen. I mean, it might happen that way, but you won’t feel great if you’re forcing it and exhausting yourself in the process. When you instead become an energetic match to calling in five new clients, you will be able to do so effortlessly with no resistance.

If you want five clients but the most you’ve ever had before was three, then five might be too big of a jump for your thought process to handle. Instead, maybe setting your goal at four new clients instead of five will be better for you.

You have to release the resistance you have towards what you are wanting to manifest in your life. Set your intention of what you want, and then release your expectations towards getting it. When you release, you can receive. You know the saying, “Let it go - if it comes back to you it was meant to be?” Well this is the same concept!

Set your intentions, set your focus, and work on letting go of the stories you have around it. A lot of times, we have self-worth issues that come up, we think the law of attraction is a joke, etc. You have to work through these so that you can choose better feeling thoughts that vibrate at a higher frequency.

When you start to feel good, you start to attract better things to you. Like attracts like.

To sum it up, think about what you want and why you want it. Think of the feeling words that come along with that. To keep going with our example, ask yourself how you will FEEL once you have five new clients. Ask yourself how you can start to feel that way today. When you release your doubts, resistance, and blocks and start to feel as though those five clients are yours, they will be yours. They will be attracted to you because you’ll be a vibrational match.

Ask and you shall receive.

Abraham-Hicks has this analogy that I love of driving a car that’s going really really fast. So picture yourself driving really fast, you’re having a lot of fun, you’re going around all of these curves, and you’re having a blast. All of a sudden, resistance comes up - you hit a tree. Instead of slowing down and being cautious of these trees, we want to remove the trees. We want to remove that resistance so you can go full speed ahead without worrying about looking out.

That’s what we want in life too, right? We want to remove any resistance that we may have so that we can go full speed ahead towards achieving our goals. We want to have whatever our hearts desire.

You have to make sure that your goals are really aligned with what you want for yourself. If you’re chasing goals to make somebody else happy, then you’ll never be fulfilled by them. True happiness comes from within.

Ask, allow, remove resistance, receive, and enjoy the journey. When you learn to have fun along the journey, that’s when things will really start to show up for you. Manifestation will become effortless.

I hope this all makes sense. I know the first time I heard them I thought, “What in the actual f*ck is this person talking about? None of this sh*t makes sense!” I thought it was all hocus-pocus or “hippy woo-woo.” But now I know that this is real life sh*t - it’s science!

The Sausha Davis Podcast Episode 178: How Manifestation Really Works