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Don’t Let Your Life Pass You By

Earlier this week I was on my way to do yet another store pick up - oh the world today, right? It got me thinking about change and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. I think so many of us are sitting on the fence right now, afraid to do anything, because we keep thinking, “When things get back to normal ... when things get back to normal … when things get back to normal …”

I want you to just think about this: what if things do not go back to normal? What if this is the new normal? What are you going to do about it?

A lot of people are freaking out and feeling really stressed and anxious right now. A lot of people don't know what to do, and that's okay. I mean, s***, there are times that I don't know what I'm doing, but I don't want to look back at this time and realize that I wasted a lot of time doing nothing.

The one constant in life is change. Yesterday was different than today, which will be different than tomorrow, which is going to be different from the next day, and so forth. If your days don't change, that's when you’ll feel stuck in a rut like it’s Groundhog's Day.

I want you to challenge yourself to think outside of the box that you are putting yourself in. You're going to continue to feel stuck, anxious, and uncertain about the future if you don't actually do something about it today. Whether that's just changing your thoughts and beliefs around what you are doing on a daily basis or whether you actually change your actions throughout your day.

Each situation can be perceived very differently depending on the mindset of a person. We can both look at a rainy day and one of you may be like, “Wow, today is a rainy day. We can't do anything. This sucks!” Whereas for me on a rainy day I'm like, “Yes! My grass is going to finally turn green again. My garden is going to get some extra watering. Let it freaking rain!” I get excited for those things!

You can always try to find the bright side. Now, I’m not saying that you should get stuck in the positivity trap because it’s not good if you just constantly focus on positivity and ignore the rest. I want you to recognize and be aware of your surroundings and of the negative stuff, but I also want you to shift your mindset to something that feels better. It doesn't have to be the complete opposite, I just want you to choose a better feeling thought or have a little bit of grace with yourself.

My question for you today is: What are you going to do to get unstuck from your day to day mundane Groundhog's Day of a life? How are you going to feel when you are in your “retirement age” because this is what everybody says - “When I get to retirement I'll be able to enjoy my life.” Dude, you're telling me that we’re only supposed to enjoy the last quarter of our lives? No thank you! I want to enjoy every single moment. I never want to be older and look back and have regrets.

The next thing I want to ask you is, what if things never go back to “normal?” What if this is the new normal? How are you going to adapt? How are you going to learn and grow from this? If you don't start to shift the way that you think about things now and accept that change is a constant in life, what are you going to do?

Things are ALWAYS changing you guys. Change is a constant in our lives. You have to learn to roll with it - to adapt and grow even through times of change.

You don’t have to just sit there and watch the world pass by, thinking “Well our world is in a pandemic so I’m just going to sit here and not do anything until it goes back to normal.” What if it doesn’t? What then?

Wouldn’t you rather be one of the game changers that’s out in the world doing their thing in spite of what’s going on? Wouldn’t you rather roll with the changes and adapt? I’m not saying that you have to go out there and break all the rules, but if you’ve been wanting to start a new business, fitness journey, etc - just modify your plan based on what’s happening in the world. You do not have to sit and wait around for something else to happen before you take control of your life.

If this speaks to you, I HIGHLY encourage you to send me an email at support@saushadavis.com or a message on Instagram @sausha.davis because I want to have a conversation with you. I want to help you create the life of your dreams, even through all of the changes that our world is undergoing right now.

If you feel like you need support in this, please head over to saushadavis.com/applynow to see if you’re a great fit for my style of coaching. I can’t wait to connect with you!

We are all in this together. And when we’re together, we’re stronger. Together we rise!

The Sausha Davis Podcast Episode 179: Don't Let Your Life Pass You By