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Manifesting 101 - What is Manifesting and the Law of Attraction?

This week, I am running a free 5-Day Manifesting 101 Challenge in a private Facebook group and through email. If you’re interested in being a part of this challenge, head over to saushadavis.com/manifesting101 or message me on social @sausha.davis to join now!

As my gift to you, you are going to get the transcripts of the daily Manifesting 101 trainings right here on the blog. Of course, if you’d like to be an active participant in the challenge (which I HIGHLY recommend as you’ll learn so much and be eligible to win some great prizes!), go sign up now by following the link above!

Enjoy this transcript of Day 1’s live training, and check back soon for Day 2!

I get SO EXCITED when talking about manifesting and the Law of Attraction. I’ve been practicing it in my own life since 2006 or 2007 and it made such an incredible shift in my life that I love sharing it with others.

Manifesting simply means “to make appear.” So the process of manifesting is taking a thought and turning it into physical reality.

You can manifest anything into your life - emotions, physical things, relationships, businesses - literally ANYTHING!

Today, what I want to share with you is:

  • What is the Law of Attraction?

  • How can you use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in your life?

First of all, a lot of you are already using the Law of Attraction in your lives. Each and every day, you are manifesting. You are making sh*t happen all day long whether you realize it or not!

Most people don’t understand, however, how they are making their thoughts turn into reality!

To put it simply, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract what we are focusing on into our lives. I’m sure you’ve heard the sayings, “like attracts like,” and, “when it rains, it pours.” What these sayings are telling us is that when we’re focusing on one thing, whether it’s good or bad, we’ll actually create more of it in our lives. What you focus on you get more of!

Here’s an analogy I like to use to explain the Law of Attraction. Say you’re out car shopping and you’re looking for a red Ford truck. You keep thinking about red Ford trucks and you figure out a way to buy one. So now you’re driving around in your new red Ford truck and you’re feeling great … and the next thing you know, you’re seeing red Ford trucks everywhere. Why? Because red Ford trucks have been in the forefront of your mind since you decided to buy one.

I’m sure this has happened to you in one way or another (it doesn’t necessarily have to be about a red Ford truck!).

And it’s the same thing when bad sh*t happens to you. For example, let’s say you wake up and you feel very meh. You’re thinking, “Ugh today sucks, I don’t want to go to work, why do I have to do all this sh*t?” And then guess what … your day sucks! Work sucks! Why? Because that’s what you’re thinking about … and what you focus on you get more of, remember? The Law of Attraction does not take into account whether a thought is positive or negative - whatever you’re thinking about, it’ll give you more of the same.

So again, like attracts like. What you focus on you’ll get more of. These are the basics to manifesting and the Law of Attraction.

I know that this sounds like magic or “woo woo,” and there are a lot of critics out there of the Law of Attraction, but I promise you that I have been doing this for years and I have manifested countless thoughts into my reality (even an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii!).

I hope this all makes sense. Manifesting and the Law of Attraction are actually very simple, but I know that as humans we tend to overcomplicate things. Remember, all we are doing is taking our thoughts and turning them into reality!

Here are your action steps/homework for today:

  1. Write down a time in your life that you have taken something from thought to reality. (Some examples to get you thinking: your relationships, children, house, car, business/work, vacation, money, etc - anything that you thought about doing and then, boom, it happened!)

  2. Write down what’s NOT working in your life. Because when we figure out what we do NOT want in our lives, we can figure out what we DO want!

Check back soon for Day 2’s training and homework!

The Sausha Davis Podcast Episode 186: Manifesting 101 (Day 1 Live Training Replay)