Overcome fear and manifest your dream life! 

Want the basics? Mom. Wife. Coach. Instructor. But that’s not what you want to hear. Hell, that’s not what I want to hear! I want to know YOU. What’s deep down and underneath the labels. What’s the real you? Here is a few things that come to mind for myself.

I have a giant birth mark on my middle upper back. My parents put a ‘U’ in my name because the doctor pronounced it wrong when I was born. I love burritos and anything spicy. I have zero tolerance for bullshit. I throw my bead back or slap my knee when I laugh (not at the same time lol) I laugh like an old man. I paid for my own braces as an adult. I hate wearing underwear. I don’t like watermelon. I will never punch another time clock in my life. I love traveling to new and far away places. I want to fix everything even though I know I can’t. My childhood haunts me with the stupid shit I did growing up and the people I hurt. Being vulnerable still scares the shit out of me. I will forever try to be better than I was yesterday.

Here is a little more about me.. 

I am a Women's Spiritual Coach helping women who want to overcome fear and manifest their dream life! I help women who struggle to find their passion and purpose. I help women who are chronically busy, perfectionist, and people-pleasers. Women who are always putting others before themselves. 

I help these women master the Law of Attraction and become the person they were meant to be! I help women connect to their highest self. I help them create the freedom and adventure their soul is screaming for. 

I have been on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual healing since I discovered "The Secret" in 2006 from my psychology professor at the University of North Iowa and I was hooked.. 


I used to be a woman who was afraid to show my true self, afraid to speak my truth. I thought the world was an evil place. I lived in a constant state of anxiety and frustration, full of anger and rage. I hated myself inside. Nobody knew it though. I was always told how hardcore and tough I was and wore it like a badge of honor...


But really I was just mean and afraid.

For me to really be “hardcore”, I had to find my highest self and the true meaning to life. Being able to speak my mind freely. Calling myself out on my BS. Feeling the way I want to feel and doing the things I want to do. Working through thoughts, feelings, emotions I never even knew I had. Being able to love myself and actually say it out loud.


I had to work through my struggles instead of masking them with work or staying busy. Instead of building up my wall of defense, I invited it all in. Fear. Hate. Frustration. All of it. Looked it right in the face. It’s not so scary up close. It left me with Love. Gratitude. Worthiness. Bravery. Courage. Freedom.

Yes. Freedom. And this is only the beginning.

In addition to my spiritual journey. I had a somewhat rough upbringing so spending time with horses and dogs was therapeutic for me. I had all cards stacked against me but somehow I managed to stay afloat. I barely made it through high school, but managed to make it to college. I graduated from the University of South Dakota with a B.S. in both Psychology and Sociology. Working with people has always come naturally to me and the mind fascinates me. 

Fast forward to more recent years. I have completed many self study programs such as Riki 1 & 2, Hypnotherapy, High Performance Habits, Desire Mapping, Holistic Nutrition, National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga, Energy Work, PATH Instructor, Financial Peace University, Personal Development Coaching, Business Coaching, Miracle Morning Routine, and the list goes on. 

But it is not the certifications or education that most qualifies me to mentor you. It is the fact that I have lived through some of life's most difficult circumstances and yet I continue to RISE! 



Your Life, Reimagined

Feeling stuck? At a crossroads in your life? Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, or unhappy at times. As your coach, I can help you understand and manage whatever life throws at you, and how to do it successfully. I believe that you have the strength not just to survive, but to truly thrive.