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My top 3 ways to 'let it go'

One of the keys to manifestation is letting go of any resistance or weird energy about the thing you desire most.

Whether it’s letting go of a feeling, a person, a place or a thing - try these out and let me know how it goes!

1. Cord cutting: Every person/place/thing we encounter, we have an energetic “cord” attached to it. Cord cutting works wonders when you have an uneasy relationship with a friend or family member and you want to take your power back.

You can YouTube “cord cutting meditations” or put on your favorite soothing music and visualize you and that person in a safe space. Visualize the attachments/cords you have with that person. Then visualize yourself cutting those cords with ‘weapon of choice’. Then visualize yourself blessing and releasing them.

Simple! And you’ll feel a ton better after. Best part - they don’t even have to know!

2. Chop Chop: visualize yourself “karate chopping” the energy cord in front of you or you can “wipe” the energy away from you. This works great with some smokeless sage spray too!

I usually use this everyday after working with clients to make sure I don’t bring anyone else’s home with me.

It’s also great after unplanned/unwanted interactions out in public. You can quickly do this in the bathroom or in your car!

3. Write a letter and burn it: This is probably the most challenging but also the most rewarding. Plus you get to light things on fire.

Sit down for 5-10 minutes (or longer if needed) and write about everything that is bothering you - big or small! If there is weird energy about it, write it down.

After you get it out in paper, DO NOT re-read it. Go outside and burn the letter in a safe place. If you can’t burn it, you can tear it up and toss it. The result will be similar.

BONUS: Use sage or palo santo to clear yourself from any negative energy or emotions! I do this every single day . My husband hates the smell of it though but it immediately makes me feel better. You can also use smokeless sprays to get the same effect.

And if all else fails, just sign LET IT GO by Elsa in Frozen

What’s your fave way to “let it go?”

Hit me up on instagram @sausha.davis or send an email to and let me know!

xo, Sausha

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