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My Top 5 Affirmations to Manifest More Money

I’ve met very few people that haven’t been worried about money in one way or another in their life. Often times, they are stressed about not having enough money, worried about bills piling up, worried about debt they’ve acquired or are living paycheck to paycheck.

What’s interesting is if we don’t uncover and rewire the limiting beliefs attached to these experiences, we will just bring our old ways with us when we do start to make more money.

A great example is when you get a raise at work, let’s say $10,000 annually. Instead of using that extra money to invest in your future (retirement, investments, paying down existing debt), you celebrate by upgrading your cars or you homes or maybe even buy a new toy (which you need to take a loan out for).

You splurge because all of the sudden you got a little bit of extra money. So you’re right back to where you started! Only making slightly more money but equally as stressed.

Affirmations can be powerful reminders of what we desire in our lives – mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially.

If you wake up everyday and say to yourself in the mirror “I spend my money wisely,” you might start to make choices that are aligned with that statement. Now this isn’t some easy quick fix. Instead this is a little bit of inspiration to keep you going in the right direction. Often times, there are multiple layers to our money stories which is why it is so helpful to work with a coach, financial advisor, mentor, read money book and so much more.

Without further a due, here are my top 10 affirmations to help you feel more aligned with the energy of money and essentially make more money in your life.

1. “I love money and money loves me.” This is a powerful one because often times we don’t really love money or we believe its evil. If we believe that about money, how long do you think money will stick around? Probably not very long! Think of money as a friend, a tool, a resources to help you live a life of abundance and joy. Money isn’t a bad thing but bad people can do bad things with money. So if that’s true, imagine what good people could do with good money..? This world would be a pretty awesome place, right?

2. “I am so grateful for all of the money I have ever received in my life and welcome more.” How many times have you made more money but didn’t actually take the time to appreciate it? When you can show gratitude for all that you have, you are energetically welcoming more of it into to your life. Along with this affirmation, make a list of all the things money has done for you in this lifetime. Perhaps you have a house, electricity, running water, a decent car, college education, clothes, shoes, been on vacation, went Christmas shopping and so much more. Try to come up with as many things that you can think of showing your gratitude for money and all its allowed you to do or have.

3. “Money flows easily to me.” One thing I’ve learned is that making money doesn’t have to be hard. That is a story we tell ourselves or that has been passed down to us by previous generations. Long gone are the times where you had to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. When you align with the energy of the money you want to attract and take action towards those goals, you can easily make more money and often times its FUN doing it!!! I know that sounds crazy, but you are just going to have to trust me on this one.

4. “I spend money wisely.” Like I was saying earlier, if you struggle with mindless spending or have more debt than you know what to do with, this affirmation will be very helpful. Along with spending money wisely, educate yourself on how you can reduce your expenses, create a budget, open a retirement account or perhaps an investment account and ask yourself what does spending money wisely mean to you? Maybe you can get into investments of some sort where your money is actually making money for your without any extra effort on your part!! Maybe you can pay down the debt you have and start saving for a house, car, kids, vacations or whatever else you want to spend your money on. One thing I do for big purchases is sleep on it. If in 48 hours I still think it’s a good fit for me, then I’m all in. But one thing I want to mention here is the difference between “good vs bad debt”. In my opinion, good debt is an investment in your future or something life enhancing. Bad debt is splurging, impulse buying or living beyond your means. I know not everyone will agree with this but I’ve experiences with both types of debt and I’ve always come out better in the long run when I’ve made investments in my future or life enhancing purchases.

5. “I am excited to see where money comes from next.” This is a HARD one for so many people because they want to control every single move they make and want to know exactly where every dollar is coming from. Let me tell you from personal experience that when you ‘let go’ of the who/what/where/when/why/how, show up for yourself every day, and be open to opportunity coming your way – amazing things will happen! Basically, keep taking action but let go of the outcome. Surrender to the experience. Easier said that done! But this can be a life changing experience if you can master the art of letting go.



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