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This Really Wasn’t How I Imagined It Would Go...

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Ever want something so bad and then become disappointed when it doesn't happen immediately? Yea... me too!

Long story short, I've had some pretty serious goals this year (even with having baby #3) and they seem like they are taking forever! Between COVID, delays in material good, unexpected weather, and so much more.. It feels like this goal will never happen.

But then I remind myself that's not how the universe works. You see, we can show up and 'do all the things' to make it happen but sometimes things turn out better than we could have ever imagined once we surrender to the experience and show up imperfectly.

My advice to you - KEEP GOING! Yes, it might not be perfect and that's OK. Show the Universe/God/Source/Spirit that you are serious about your goals by not giving up if things don't turn out your way the first time.

There are two reasons why are goals don't manifest immediately or like we imagined:

1. We are not energetically ready for them.

2. Something better is coming our way if we can just be patient!

Both are what I'm currently experiencing. I now realize that I wasn't quite 'ready' for my dreams to manifest the way I thought they should, which is a blessing in disguise! If I would have went with my impulse dreams from last year, I would be stuck somewhere I didn't truly want to be.

And I know something better is on the way if I can just hold my horses! haha both physically and figuratively 😂😂 I know, I'm funny..

Anyways.. Slow down. Relax. Breathe. And repeat after me: "Everything is always working out for me and my highest good."



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